"I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes."
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i love kissing so much how it can be soft and romantic or hard and passionate or lazy and sleepy or affectionate and then it’s like you like the person and they like you because you are kissing and it’s just you two and you can close your eyes and there will be nothing in the world except that

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being a human is so complicated like I love everything in life and I always give my all to people but they also make me nervous and have violated me and I am sometimes super sensitive and just want to cry softly and alone but other times I don’t give a fuck and I’m my own version of Beyoncé and even OTHER TIMES im the biggest dick and maybe I want to hurt people for no good reason but at the end of the day I do my best to be the best person for myself and others and to laugh and be happy because those are all the most important things to me. phew.

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I'm feeling really disappointed in the world right now. I am completely TERRIFIED of walking alone at night, or just walking alone in general in a secluded area. Just because I am female. I am terrified that if I do ever get raped, the police will ask me what I was wearing, how many sexual partners have I had, etc. I'm scared that, possibly, one day i could be even more terrified at the fact that, most likely, my possible rapist still walks the streets. I know this is very hypothetical, but yeah

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Your fears are valid. They happen to women everywhere and they have even happened to me. But that doesn’t stop me from continuing to live my life and do things I want to do. Don’t be frozen by fear. Make the safest choices you can.